The Author Guidelines of PRINCE:

Journal of Planning and Research in Civil Engineering

The Author Guidelines of PRINCE: Journal of Planning and Research in Civil Engineering:

  1. The submitted manuscript must be an original scientific work provided that the manuscript has never been published by any publisher.
  2. Manuscripts sent can be in the form of research results in the field and laboratory as well as plans related to the field of Civil Engineering.
  3. The format for writing manuscripts sent to PRINCE: Journal of Planning and Research in Civil Engineering is as follows:
  4. The font used is Times New Roman.
  5. Article title 16 pts.
  6. Author and subtitles 11 pts.
  7. Affiliates, email correspondence and articles, 10 pts.
  8. Table writing, single space.
  9. The size of the A4 paper area, with the top, bottom, and right borders is 2 cm and the left border is 2.5 cm, single column. The number of pages between 7-14 pages.
  10. Manuscripts are sent in soft/copy form (file *.doc) via e-mail: or or directly submit to the website: https://ejournal.unida-
  11. The author's affiliation must be listed under the title consisting of: full name without academic degree, name of institution, address of institution, and also include e-mail address. Regarding manuscripts written by the writing team, PRINCE editors only deal with the first author and email correspondents.
  12. The title of the manuscript is written in Indonesian or English, which is a maximum of 20 words. Abstract in English and Indonesian with a word count of 150 - 200 words. Keywords consist of 5-8 words and are listed below the abstract.
  13. The order of the manuscripts is as follows: Title; the identity of the author; abstract; keywords; introduction; research methodology; results and discussion; conclusion; suggestion (if necessary); reference. Manuscripts are presented using numbering for chapters and sub-chapters and presented in essay format.
  14. Reference list is compiled with Mendeley style, namely IEEE Style. The list of references in the manuscript is a minimum of 15 references, with the number of recent references in the last 7 years at least 70% of the number of references listed in the manuscript. The list of references in the manuscript are all references that can be traced on the internet (only 20% are allowed to be untraceable).
  15. Figures and tables in the manuscript must be of good quality and include references. References to objects (pictures, tables, formulas, etc.) use numbers.
  16. Manuscripts are sent with a maximum of 20% plagiarism.
  17. Manuscripts will be checked by editorial team in accordance with their respective fields. Rejection, revision, acceptance, and published of the manuscript will be notified via email.
  18. Licensing of quoting and use of computer software in manuscripts sent by authors related to intellectual property rights is the full responsibility of the author of the manuscript.
  19. The author is not entitled to withdraw the article before a decision from the editorial team. If the author withdraws the article, it will be blacklisted for 2 years.